Mother of Dystopia, by Kid Xanthrax (2019) Aztech Code Holograph on Tablecloth
Presented at Fanfare Amsterdam NE, for /b/channel: Future Ruins.

Augmentation of a self, swollen and deformed by over-consumption, an engorgement by digital-intake of nutritional informations and data-infused mythos, results in a distancing of humanity from the ego-centralized self in which it has heretofore inhabited. A paranormal birthing of the holographic matterless bridge connecting a post-man with something resembling humanity less than its mutant mother (surgically emblazoned with LED monitor as the ever transmutable guise, as newscaster professing apocalyptic parable) occurring yet frozen in time, kept alive suspended between an ugly fleshy clod and a slick digital cloud of life. A life which resembles not the life heretofore understood, but a life accessed by a data matrix Aztec Code, shut into a different layer of virtual existence, untethered to the brutality of the material, the impenetrable and ever-omniscient odour of death. The failure of genetic design and of codified personality alteration thus hurls the post-human figurine into a silhouetted monster, a result worse than that of the most grisly abominations of beastialty. One kept breathing via the cyber-infrastructure architected by a species, laying the stone of their own disease, constructing a palace of extinction. The virginity of the Mother Mary is mirrored in the virginity of the Mother of Dystopia, that one whom beckons us into a death of sterility, of stillness, and whose eternal apparatus of immortality, gears and fixtures connected by coil surge with the electricity of hatred, of cruelty, of love, of all that which we call human. Tattooed with vulgarity and 2D symbologies of dataglyphic personality coding, we are to be subjected to a cancerous revision of these here stated concepts, a redefining of all accomplishments of the DNA, a violent shredding of the past billion years of natures’ enterprise. However as such, these will be subjected to fixed finder pattern damage, modulated error correctional devices, and decodability. Decoding such complexities is certain to yield modified and anomalous results and thus render new formats of existence which will have exponentially mutated results, unleashing an outflux of chaos and ataxia more grotesque than any phenomenon observed in nature. It will be a cancer to nature, yet more aptly since cancer occurs in nature, a cancer to cancer.