Artistic Statement
My work contemplates the ever-mutating state of the human experience in all of its potential transmogrifications, focused not on outcome but rather exploring various narratives of change in formatting with a particular focus on the body. I interrogate how the constructs of psycho-social dispositions, particularly those of a rapidly digitizing late capitalism, leak into the infrastructure of our technological spaces and virtual ego-embodiments. Not austerely dystopian, my observations are subconsciously guided, intentioning fidelity and sometimes embodying a humorous cynicism; the characters in my work will often manifest the more cancerous and vandalized isles of change. In this I recognize our relationship to the external world as a series of behavioural transmissions produced and motivated by a memefication of experience or commodification of body. My work attempts to illustrate such through myth.

My recent practice comprises a sci-fi inspirited study vignetting the inhabitants of an imagined world bloated by the repercussive bi-products of a wholly digitized late-capitalism. A Gibsonian dynamism erupts: that of our turbulent relationship to materiality in tension with our new lives in virtual spaces. I push the conceptual parameters of the media in an attempt to radically reimagine our understanding of the creative process, as well as our relations in digital space as human beings and creators of myth. Through moving meme-paintings, styrofoam stock-photo digital-collage, net-sourced automatic poetry, and an attempt to reconcile the impossibilities of digital sculpture with interactive AR ceramics, I endeavour to impress medium as a constant dialectic, something forever in question. A medium agnosticism.

K. Xanthrax is pseudonym of esoteric net-artist and web presence Z. Fevek (b.1994). They are multi-media focused, creating animated installation, video, digital-art, sound-art and illustration. They have been exhibiting works, performing both sonically and visually, and curating conceptual presentations/publications nationally throughout Canada and online since 2015 under a variety of pseudonymes. Their work is a blend of post-internet aesthetics and modernist surrealism, amalgamated into a stylistically nightmarish cast of characters. Born in Windsor, Ontario, they drew inspiration from the post-industrial landscape in their first curational endeavour Dream Disk Laboratories, an experimental audio-visual imprint which has enjoyed cult notoriety internationally. While studying in Windsor, they spearheaded a D.I.Y venue called Lavahaus, was a notable member of a province-spanning collective Next Level Syndicate, and participated in a series of residencies including at Common Ground Gallery for Momentum Film Collective in 2016, as well as a monthly performance residency at Phog Lounge called Aural Chaos in 2017-2018. They completed their studies in 2D/3D animation at St. Clair College in 2018 and are now based in Montreal, QC where they produce primarily Nu-media Illustration, writing, and animation. They have VJ’d and provided performance visuals at many events including Suoni Per Il Popolo fest (2018). Recently they showed an installation work at Le Livart gallery for Prepositions and Speculations vernissage on Nuit Blanche (2019) and showed an augmented reality work at Fanfare in Amsterdam for /b/channel: Future Ruins curated by NXS collective.

Vizual: all commissions & job inquiries directed to kidxanthrax@gmail.com
Audio: all booking & demos directed to dreamdiscrecords@gmail.com

Instagram: Kid Xanthrax
Vimeo: Kid Xanthrax
Soundcloud: Syndrom IX
Bandcamp: Dream Disk Lab

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